paraFoam: convert 2D to 3D

copy tutorial from /opt/openfoam30/tutorials/multiphase/interFoam/ras/damBreak

modify some parameters in system/controlDict

$ ./Allrun

$ paraFoam

Screenshot from 2015-11-18 12-24-20

click Apply

dropdown U

Screenshot from 2015-11-18 12-24-50.png

click Rescale to Data Range

Screenshot from 2015-11-18 12-27-57.png

click Play

To view in 3D, click Calculator

Screenshot from 2015-11-18 12-33-25.png

check Coordinate Results

Screenshot from 2015-11-18 12-33-36.png

enter the formula

coords + kHat*mag(U)

Screenshot from 2015-11-18 12-33-57.png

click Apply

rotate the object

Screenshot from 2015-11-18 12-34-58.png

File > Save Animation…

the output is in .ogv format

convert to mp4 that can be opened in iMovie using the following command

$ ffmpeg -i d.ogv -pix_fmt yuv420p d.mp4

หากจะนำข้อความไปใช้ ต้องแสดงที่มา และห้ามใช้ในเชิงพาณิชย์


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